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In July 2022, DIIT is introducing a new Jira project called Staff Technology Support (STS) and phasing out the old forms under Technology Service, New Technology Request, and most of Accounts. The STS project is available now, and you can get there directly with this link:

Why is it Changing?

The predecessors to STS have been around since 2016, and we've learned a lot about the product's capabilities since then. By consolidating into a single project we can better take advantage of organization and automation features, as well improved reporting.

For each ticket, DIIT staff may ask clarifying questions and will be doing more behind-the-scenes to organize and categorize tickets so we can respond and work on them efficiently. With over 2500 tickets created last year in the 3 predecessor projects, efficiency is very important.

Our customers - Library staff and affiliates in this case - will see simpler and fewer forms, along with more ways of creating them.

Creating Tickets in STS remains the preferred method of creating a ticket.

In addition, staff can send an email to, or leave a voicemail at 310.825.7557. We will get voicemail messages fairly quickly via Slack, so please do leave a message if that's the easiest way for you to reach out to us.

This article has more details on the subject: Creating Library IT (DIIT) Service Desk Tickets 

Types of Forms

Use the General form for most things. Please provide as many details as possible, like a who/what/where/when summary.

Other forms exist for situations that warrant gathering very specific information:

Library Accounts

Request new email, Library domain, and Alma accounts, also modify and delete. If you're having a problem with an existing account (e.g. cannot log in, password reset, adjust permissions) use the General form.

Computer Deployment

Request a new or replacement computer. If you're reporting a problem, or aren't sure a computer should be replaced, use the General form.


These forms are for things that that DIIT Service Desk team does not handle, and will be routed to the appropriate team that handles it.
Using these forms ensures we have a record of the request, and the right people get the exact information they need.

The Previous "Accounts" Forms

The previous "Accounts" forms have renamed to Tech On-boarding & Separation. We've retained just 2 forms, which are used for DIIT to collaborate with LHR regarding staff that are joining or leaving the Library.

The separate forms for Alma, email, Library domain, and Other have been removed. Instead, use the new Library Accounts form, which has the necessary fields for DIIT to create, modify, or disable an account(s). To clarify:

Any Library accounts requests that are not directly tied to a new hire or separating staff should be made through the new STS Library Accounts form.

In addition, please use the General form to report any problems with existing accounts (e.g. forgotten password, or cannot access a service remotely).


Throughout the summer, tickets in the previous projects - Technology Service (TSP), New Technology Request (NTR), and Accounts (AJ) - will be resolved, but no new tickets will be created. We hope to completely remove the TSP and NTR projects before Fall quarter 2022.

DIIT staff will be reviewing the STS project regularly to ensure the configuration is working properly and that staff are having a favorable experience.

Thank you for your patience as we learn to better implement this important IT support tool!

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