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Work to be Performed

After 7pm on Tuesday, , DIIT staff will be upgrading Windows computers on campus that are still running Microsoft Office 2016.

Purpose of Work

Over the last week, a significant number of staff using computers with Office 2016 have reported problems logging into Outlook to access their email. This problem can be mitigated by updating to Office 2019 - an upgrade which is is admittedly overdue anyways.

Please note, anyone having problems with the Outlook client should always consider the web version as an immediate alternative:


The upgrade will apply to roughly 200 Windows desktops on campus, which includes many multi-user / student computers. It does not include Macs, laptops off-campus, or computers at Stoa.

A quick way to check if you have version 2016 running on your computer is to click the Start menu and type "Word" and the version should be indicated next to the top search result.

Required User Actions

If you or students you work with are using Office 2016, please see that all Microsoft Office apps are closed before 7pm on Tuesday, 8/30.
If any applications left running, they will be automatically closed when the upgrade is performed and there is the potential for unsaved work to be lost. 

Follow Up

DIIT does not expect to upgrade 100% of the affected computers, and we will likely continue to deploy the upgrade beyond Tuesday evening.

We do, however, expect that all settings and logins will remain intact.

As always, please submit a ticket if you run into any further issues:

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