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Library desktops with OCLC Connexion will be upgraded to version 3.1 starting at 8pm on Thursday, .

Staff who rely on Connexion will be able to take advantage of the new features and be in sync with their colleagues at other institutions.

For a list of changes and features, see this OCLC support article: Update Connexion client


The upgrade will be performed on Library Windows desktops on campus which have Connexion 2.63 installed.


Before the Upgrade

To minimize any installation issues, please close Connexion and log off of your computer before 8pm on Thursday, .

After the Upgrade

The previous method of selecting "Connexion+M(win10)" is no longer necessary.
That previous shortcut opened a DOS/CMD window, which will no longer be present with version 3.1. 

To launch Connexion 3.1, use the desktop shortcut, find it in the Start Menu, or search for it using the Windows search box.


The first time you launch Connexion 3.1, it will take a few moments to configure itself, which includes converting existing macros to the new format.

If any macros fail to upgrade, they will have to be deleted manually to avoid an error message each time you launch Connexion.

(warning) Please restart the computer after launching Connexion for the first time. Otherwise, the ALA character map table may be blank and some macro settings may not carry over. 

Connexion File Backup

Please note that Connexion 3.1 settings and macros are not backed up automatically. OCLC has a number of support articles on this subject:

Please submit a Service Desk ticket if you have trouble after the upgrade: Staff Technology Support

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