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CLICC offers 4 smart classrooms, 3 in Powell and 1 in the Research Commons at YRL. All the classrooms include A/V equipment and are reservable for undergraduate and graduate instruction and library-related instruction. Please note: Instructors and students should plan on bringing their own devices or borrowing devices from CLICC Lending, a DTEN is available if the built-in AV system cannot be used. (See full policies here).



Room Number


PowellCLICC Classroom A

Powell 307

  • Capacity: 25
  • DTEN D7
  • movable all-in-one desks
  • whiteboard
PowellCLICC Classroom B*Powell 320B
  • Capacity: 26
  • DTEN D7
  • whiteboards
PowellCLICC Classroom C*Powell 320
  • Capacity: 51
  • 3 projectors (VGA)
  • DTEN D7 (2)
  • whiteboards
Research Library (YRL)RC ClassroomRoom 11630F
  • Capacity: 24
  • DTEN D7
  • moveable all-in-one desks
  • whiteboard

*CLICC Classrooms A and C are available for drop in study when there are not any class reservations.  

You can view availability for our spaces online! Click on a room below to open the calendar and review our schedule.

If you feel that our smart classrooms will work well for your class, please fill out the Instructional Resource Request Form.