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This page offers instructions on how to use Remote Desktop for on campus software testing.

  1. Your account needs special permissions before you can use remote desktop to connect to a test computer.
  2. You will need the name of the computers designated for testing.
  3. If you need help, contact Library Service Desk at or (310) 825-7557.

Launching Remote Desktop

Connecting to a Remote Desktop: Options

To select Display options, click "Show Options" at the bottom left hand of Remote Desktop Connection window
Then click the Display tab.  We recommend the following settings, especially the "Display the connection bar when I use the full screen."  You can choose a smaller "Display configuration," but it's not recommended for software testing purposes.

Connecting to a Remote Desktop: Connecting

Type in the computer name you wish remote to and click Connect.

Login with your Library domain windows username and password.

You will get a message if someone else is already using the computer!

Connecting to a Remote Desktop: Etiquette 

If someone is already on the computer, note the user name.

  • Contact the Library Helpdesk if the account is an administrator account, such as smsla, or a DIIT staff member.
  • Some testing programs have schedules for use of the test machines
    • Check the Confluence signup page, or contact whoever is coordinating the schedule to find out if the machine is actually free.
    • If you know where the computer is, you can call the phone number provided for that location.
      • Ask them if there is anyone at the testing station.
      • If there is a signup at the physical location, you can ask if there is someone signed up for the timeframe you want to test in.
      • If no one is there and the machine is locked, you and the person at the physical location may decide to reboot the computer.
    • If none of that is successful, you can try the following:
  • If no one is coordinating the test machine schedule and you cannot contact the tester or anyone at the location, your options are:
    • Try another computer (if there are multiple test machines)
    • Call or email the person who is logged in and ask them when they will be finished (user ID usually equals email ID)
    • Try again later

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