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-OR-  with your UCLA Single Sign-on (SSO) account

To obtain a user account with GIS UCLA:

  • As of January 2023, your UCLA Single Sign-on (SSO) is your ArcGIS login. 
  • If you received an Individual ArcGIS Login BEFORE January 2023, which was linked the the UCLA GIS instance, that login will still work without the steps below.

Logging into ArcGIS Pro using your UCLA Single Sign-on (SSO):

  • Open the ArcGIS PRO application.  The first time you launch ArcGIS Pro on a CLICC Virtual Desktop, a licensing pop-up box should appear. If you do not see this pop-up, please click on the "Configure Licensing" link at the bottom of the sign-in window.

  • Once the app returns you to the Sign-on window, click on the bottom right "Sign in Using Browser".  DO NOT CLICK ON THE UCLA GIS ONLINE link in that window.

  • Program will ask do you want to sign in using a browser with ArcPRO for future logins.  Click Yes.

  • Click on GISUCLA Online at UCLA blue button IN THE BROWSER.  Log in with your UCLA SSO. 
  • Then click OPEN ARC GIS on the pop up screen.

  • ArcPRO will launch. (It may take 30 seconds or more to launch).
  • Once launched, you can confirm that you're logged in when you see your name in the upper right of the dashboard, with "GIS Online at UCLA" listed underneath:

FOR UCLA STAFF:  All current UCLA affiliates have access to ArcGIS Pro through our campus license agreement.  Once you've downloaded the software, please follow the steps above regarding logging into the UCLA GIS instance using your UCLA Single Sign-on (SSO).