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When you launch ArcGIS Pro on a CLICC Virtual Desktop, a licensing pop-up box will appear.  You'll want to choose the second option from the drop-down menu, "Named User License":

Once that option is chosen, the bottom half of the box now shows configuration options (see below).  In order to use ArcGIS Pro, users will need to login to their ArcGIS Online accounts.  For those who already have a user account for use with UCLA's instance of ArcGIS Pro, enter this URL into the "ArcGIS Online" field:

**To obtain a user account with GIS UCLA:

  • Contact Zhiyuan Yao and request your user account with the UCLA instance of ArcGIS Online.
  • You will receive an email invitation from "ArcGIS Notifications" (notifications @ arcgis .com).
  • Click on the link in that email, and fill out the section for "Create new account".
  • Fill out form as requested.

In the next pop-up, please enter your ESRI credentials:

FOR UCLA STAFF:  To install ArcGIS Pro on any UCLA staff member's assigned computer, a license will need to be purchased from Software Central first.  Once that license is obtained, please follow the steps above regarding creating an ESRI account on the UCLA GIS instance.

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