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Job CodeDIIT07
Start Date5/1/2023
Location of WorkRemote
Number of Positions2
Hours Per Week5-10 hrs/wk
Work ScheduleIntend to be Spring + Summer Quarter employment only

Independent work according to the students schedule
ClassificationSTDT 4
Working Title_Assistant II
Pay Rate$18.32/hr

We seek graduate students who are interested in generating pedagogical materials that employ digital primary source materials from the MEAP Digital Collection. This position is an opportunity for a graduate student to propose a syllabus, assignment, or activity that relies on objects from the MEAP collection, available online at

The position would work independently with regular check ins with the MEAP Director. The work should result in a shareable deliverable that could be published on the MEAP website at Applications should include a proposal for an intended project. Please note what collection you would want to work with and what kind of deliverable you would create.

Required Skills
and Knowledge

Registered UCLA graduate student
Historical, cultural, and/or linguistic expertise as it applies to one (or more) MEAP collection
Interest in digital libraries and/or digital scholarship
Experience teaching with primary sources

Preferred Skills
and Knowledge

Experience working with digital audio/video files
Experience creating pedagogical materials, including syllabi, teaching modules, classroom assignments or activities
Experience publishing or sharing pedagogical materials
Experience working with archival materials


MEAP is a granting program at the UCLA Library that funds the documentation and digitization of endangered archival materials from the 20th and 21st Centuries, including print, photographic, film, audio, ephemeral, and born digital objects. Since 2018, MEAP has funded 88 projects in 47 countries. MEAP also sustains an online, open access repository that creates access to cultural heritage materials from around the world.

To apply, please submit a current CV and a project plan that details (1) which MEAP collection you will focus on and (2) what kind of materials you will create. Your project plan should also include information about what kind of course this material could be used in and whether you will be teaching a course where you could use this collection. Finalists may be asked for a letter of recommendation related to previous teaching experience.

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