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Opus Overview

As stated in the UCLA Librarians' CALL, each performance review is conducted in 3 stages:

  1. Appraisal Process includes the candidate’s documentation, the review initiator’s evaluation and recommendation, and other documentation.
  2. Peer Review includes review of the documentation by CAPA and, in specified cases, an ad hoc committee.
  3. Administrative Review includes the University Librarian's review and final decision regarding the action.

The Library is using Opus to facilitate the Peer Review and Administrative Review stages. The Appraisal Process will essentially remain the same except paper files will no longer be submitted to LHR. Instead, candidates will now upload documentation to their "case" in Opus and review initiators will certify them online before the case is routed electronically to CAPA and then the UL for review.


Overview of Steps in Opus

The START step below prompts the initiation of an Opus case and puts into motion the online review process outlined in steps 1 through 6.



Review Initiator: Send Form #2-A to LHR

Sending a completed Form #2-A to LHR will prompt the initiation of a case for the candidate's peer review. LHR must know the proposed action in order to initiate the case in Opus.


LHR: Initiate Case in Opus

Once the RI sends Form #2-A to LHR, a review case is initiated for the candidate in Opus.


Candidate: Upload Documents

Once the case is initiated in Opus, the candidate receives a notification email. This email prompts the candidate to begin uploading documents to their case packet. Candidate must upload all finalized documents for peer review, including the non-confidential certification statements. See Appendices & Forms for submission instructions.


Review Initiator: Review & Certification

RI reviews the packet the candidate uploaded for completeness and to ensure that there are no discrepancies in documentation. Once the RI's review is complete, the case is moved forward to LHR. The RI only reviews and DOES NOT upload documents to the candidate's case.


LHR: Upload Unredacted Letters

If required, LHR uploads unredacted reference letters to the candidate's case.


CAPA: Review & Recommendation

CAPA reviews the candidate's case and makes their recommendation to the UL. If necessary, an ad hoc committee may be asked to review the case.


UL: Review & Make Final Decision

University Librarian reviews the candidate's case and makes a final decision.