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UCLA Library Digital Initiatives & Information Technology (DIIT) provides shared network drives for Library staff departments, libraries, and working groups. A Library account is required to access Library domain storage and permissions to specific directories/folders is governed by Library domain groups. When a Library staff member logs in to a Library domain computer, they are automatically mapped to the common drives (K:, plus I: and/or J:) they have access to as well as workgroup specific drives if specified. When trying to access Library storage from outside the Library domain, we recommend that you map a drive (rather than manually navigate).

Please note that departmental drives are not the only method for saving and sharing files. In many instances, Box can take the place of departmental drives, except when scripts and programs need a drive letter/mapping or pathway. Also note that we do not back up data stored in Box, and can not restore it.

Staff with Library domain accounts (Library staff and Affiliated library staff) can access a variety of drives depending on their department and job responsibilities. These include:

  • H: – Individual home drives
  • K: – Universal drive mapping for all staff who log into the Library domain. Many directories under K: are specifically mapped when you login – see I: & J:
    • K:\global – globally shared folders/directories (all library staff and student employees have modify rights to this location)
    • K:\libraries – libraries and departmental directories (folder access is limited to department/library members)
    • K:\workgroups – cross-departmental directories (such as software specific directories with limited access)
  • I:, J: – Drive mappings for specific to particular departments, assigned on logon based on user ID.
    • These drive mappings vary per individual user, based on the groups they are a member of.
    • Most I: & J: drive mappings point at folders in K:\libraries or K:\workgroups
  • Other drive letters (L:, M:, X:, etc.) are typically for software programs or workgroups (LARS/LiBRD, MacroExpress, Connexion, respectively) to store defined data in a central location.



Additional Information

  • Requests for access:  Typically requests for rights and mappings to common drives (I:, J:) are handled during on-boarding, but groups can be modified at any time.
  • Box is an alternative storage solution to departmental drives within UCLA Library if it meets the requirements for the data being stored.

    • Submit a Box request using the link below.  

      • Request access to specific folder or Box location or

        • including your UCLA Logon ID, department name and the location of the files.

      • Request a new Box folder:

        • include your UCLA Logon ID, department name, what you would like the folder to be called, who should have permission to access it, and what level of permissions they should have. 

  • Request restore of a departmental folder or an individual file using the link below – include the specific location and name of the files or folder (note that we can't restore to or from Box)

  • You can store small amounts of personal files and data in the H: drive

  • Departmental and corporate documents should go in Box or a departmental drive such as I: & J: or K:

Submit a Request

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 Service not available for you

If this service is not available to you, and you have questions, please send an email to for more information.

Please visit the Technology Service Portal to raise a request.


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