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Appendix AGlossary (PDF)
Appendix BDocumentation Required for Peer Review Actions (PDF)
Appendix CSample Statement of Responsibilities (SOR) (PDF)
Appendix DData Summary Instructions and Sample (PDF)
Appendix EGuidelines for Statement of Professional Achievements (SOPA) (PDF)
Appendix FRequest for Letter of Assessment on Performance (MS Word)
Appendix HGuidelines for Exclusions From a Review (PDF)
Appendix IPeer Review Websites (PDF)


Form #Form Title

Submit To

Signature Required

Opus Filename Format

# 2-AAcademic Personnel Recommendation (MS Word)LHRNo-
# 2-BAcademic Personnel - Appointment Recommendation (MS Word)OpusNo2B_ApptRec_SmithJ

# 3

Candidate’s Certification Statement (MS Word)OpusNo3_Candidate_SmithJ
# 3-ACandidate’s Certification Statement - Exclusions (MS Word)LHRNo-
# 3-BChecklist Addendum & Candidate’s Certification Statement (MS Word)OpusNo3B_ChecklistAdd_SmithJ
# 3-CReview Initiator’s Certification Statement (MS Word)OpusNo3C_RI_SmithJ
# 4Data Summary (MS Word)OpusNo4_Data_SmithJ
# 5Librarian Goals Template (MS Word)OpusNo5_Goals_SmithJ
# 6Review Initiator's Evaluation & Recommendation (MS Word)OpusNo
# 6-ANon-Confidential Assessment (MS Word)OpusNo6A_Nonconfidential_SmithJ
# 7Unit / Department Head's Comments (MS Word)OpusNo
# 8Supervisory Assistant / Associate University Librarian’s Comments (MS Word)OpusNo
# 9Request for Additional Documentation or Clarification (MS Word)LHRNo-
# 10Ad Hoc Committee Report & Recommendation to CAPA (MS Word)CAPA Chair / Chair-ElectYes-
# 11-ACAPA Report & Recommendation to the University Librarian (MS Word)OpusNo11A_CAPAReport_SmithJ
# 11-BCAPA Report & Appointment Recommendation to the University Librarian (MS Word)OpusNo11B_CAPAReport_SmithJ
# 12Comments (MS Word)LHRNo-
# 13Search Committee Report and Hiring Recommendation (MS Word)LHRYes-
# 14Candidate's Statement of Professional Achievements (SOPA) (MS Word)OpusNo14_SOPA_SmithJ
# 15Candidate's Statement of Responsibility (SOR) (MS Word)OpusYes15_SOR_SmithJ

# 16

Rejoinder (MS Word)OpusNo16_Rejoinder_SmithJ

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