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The Data Science Center (DSC) ML/AI subgroup aims to provide guidance and support to students and researchers of all disciplines exploring modern data science methods, including ethical use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in their work. 

The DSC ML/AI subgroup prioritizes providing an inclusive and accessible learning atmosphere for individuals of all backgrounds and levels of technical experience. As an organization, the DSC ML/AI subgroup adopts the Data Science Oath.


  • Assistance with coding and programming
    • Python
    • R
    • SQL
    • Software design and program organization

  • Help with debugging environments, software and programs
    • Installation of new software
    • Instruction and demo of programs
    • Debugging software or program errors
    • Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

  • Data questions
    • Cleaning
    • Data wrangling
    • Depositing your data into a data repository
    • Locating appropriate data sets

  • Common topics include:
    • Text Analysis
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Neural nets and Image analysis

  • Computation resources
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Cloud services
    • High Performance Computer (HPC)
    • Deep Learning Machine access for running experiments

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